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About Rogers Agency

What we do

Rogers Agency have a simple goal : provide Businesses with the tools, resources, and capital to help them succeed! We do this through a variety of programs, including training, coaching, marketing services, live events, and sponsored opportunities. Each program is designed to help you gain access to a network of investors, mentors, and other resources that can help you take your business to the next level.

Theres a unique platform set up by few investment bankers to support individuals, companies, government Agencies or Military based in their various businesses inform of loans, trade finance project finance, and more importantly linking up investors with potential and profitable businesses to invest on

  • Foreign investors
  • Existing businesses only
  • up to $10b capital from investors
  • Tax experts
  • Both business and individual tax

Areas of interest

Business loans

We provide loans to companies, individuals or govermental organisations up to $10b to only existing businesses, we might consider start up if the variables are favourable amongst all odds, but most importantly we consider exiting businesses

Tax Experts

At Rogers, we have one of the best sets of tax experts to work your tax complaints , we give you the best advice and solutions for a good tax refund, both in business and individual taxes

Trade Finance

Global shortage of trade finance is crushing small businesses worldwide and, with 60% of SMBs unable to get financing, trade finance is vital and we deliver. We provide services like import finance, export and commodity financing

Project Financing

Long-term, off-balance sheet, non-recourse loans to finance the development of large commercial, industrial, utility and infrastructure projects secured by the assets and operations of the project can be sponsored if necessary documentations are made

Contract Financing

Contract finance loans are almost always extended on a non-recourse or limited recourse basis and are secured by the project assets and operations.Repayment of the loans occurs entirely from project cash flow


Monetization is quick, easy and is accomplishable using a wide range of financial instruments such as certificates of deposit, corporate bonds and bank guarantees, to name but a few, this can be achieved within 14 working days

Faq Question

We currently have about 35,786 investors (and growing on daily basis )on our network made up of atlantic investors, family offices and venture funds

We are a group of experienced business specialist , here to make a posituve change in the industry. A good investor provides business assistance in many ways: • They will provide the funds you need to grow your business. • They might take a seat on your board of directors or stand as private individuals, in the other hand, if you don't take care of your tax system, it might ruin your life and generation to come, so here at Rogers, we want to help both businesses and individuals in so many ways we could to be able to achieve their life goals.

Our network are made up of billionaires around the world looking to invest their money on a lucrative business , and they are ready to invest on variety of businesses anywhere in the world as far as it's a profitable one

Tax inquiries, returns, employment status, IRS backtaxes, estate taxes, forms, and more: our network of tax experts can answer your questions—now. A team of tax professionals is on call for you and your family 24/7. Even on holidays.


Rogers Agency are unique. They don't invest on start ups, fundraising or businesses that's not up to two years. Start-ups can be considered only if it's backed up with great proof of profit making

The investors are looking for businesses that have reached at least 5 to 10 years looking for expansion and funding, loans and stakeholders


If you're looking for funding and you're looking to make a return on investment then you’re suitable. Our investors look at all stages of business and across all sectors from genuine companies to more established businesses.

We look at all different types of projects including debt deals, franchises, real estate, equity, etc. We currently have 35,786 private investors, family funds, and venture capital funds around the world looking to invest, and this number is growing fast.


Help prepare tax returns & answer tax questions, Avoid issues with the IRS & assist with back taxes, Save you time and money with accountants

A lack of expertise with proper care can cost you and your family dearly. Don't chance your financial well-being by delaying taxes or sift through thousands of Google search results on your own


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Our special Team

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Pitch Expert

Richard Neil

Business Analyst

Lellien Linda

Program cordinator

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Program cordinator

Latest News

18 comments 2019-11-12 / 09:10:16

Getting an investor faster

We have so many applications submited every day , business owners, private individuals and cooperate firms that are looking for investors, so for your application to be chosen and acccepted you should know how to put up your application

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130 comments 2019-09-08 / 09:10:16

Preparing your presentation.

They are lot of processes to reach before granting you a loan or getting investors, but the most important thing to do befoore getting to this level is to know how to present your pitch to the investors to look more professional.

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18 comments 2018-08-08 / 09:10:16

What our investor want

We do receive tons of applications from start ups and small businesses and they do wonder why their application is never accepted, there are specific businessees we want to invest on or give loans to, not really new business or start ups

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